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Nowadays, while the concept of Industry 5.0 has started to be discussed, how well have our local producers, industrialists and ourselves been able to keep up with the 4th Industrial Revolution?


Without fully realizing the 4th Industrial Revolution, it will not be possible to apply, adapt and keep pace with the unmanned technologies and artificial intelligence concepts that we will encounter with Industry 5.0, that is, the 5th Industrial Revolution. In order to create production-oriented Society 5.0, that is, super smart societies, it is necessary to create fully digitalized businesses and teams that can communicate from factories and production lines, thanks to the technologies brought by the internet, and can monitor and report data. For a digital transformation journey in this direction, you will need platforms that are goal-oriented and can take your business beyond the day.


At this point, SmartFactory steps in and becomes your partner on this path to achieve a correct digital transformation in production, catch up with the Industry 4.0 revolution and be prepared for the 5th Industrial Revolution. It offers you a platform with a web-based and user-friendly interface to create smart and paperless factories, reduce your investment costs by increasing your production efficiency, collect the most accurate and complete data by connecting directly to your machines without the need for additional hardware, and manage your factory remotely.

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