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With Industry 4.0 becoming widespread in our country, it has become imperative to control production costs in order for all small or large enterprises to maintain their presence in the market and to maintain their competitiveness under increasing competitive conditions. In order to minimize costs and prevent unnecessary equipment purchases, it has always been the main goal of all business owners to operate the existing machines with minimum downtime and full efficiency of employees and machines.

For this reason, SmartFactory software, designed and implemented, has been implemented as a software for collecting, viewing and reporting production data in real time from your CNC and PLC controlled machines in your enterprise.

In our company, which has adopted IOT (Internet of Things), one of the most important components of Industry 4.0, as its principle and has made all its developments based on this, our first priority is to include all the equipment in the field in your factory's internet network and to communicate with all equipment interactively. . For this reason, unlike other software on the market, our software communicates directly with the control unit, which is the heart of your machine, and does not require any equipment adaptation other than the control unit of your machine unless it is necessary.

With SmartFactory, your employees, machines and processes in your business will be controlled from a single center. It is designed to provide you with all the technological requirements that your business needs, and with its advanced reporting options, it allows you to access all the data you need in seconds.

With its 100% Turkish engineering and original structure, SmartFactory software becomes the biggest partner of our valued customers in the Industry 4.0 transition process.

SmartFactory Team..

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